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Artist Statement

I am a sculptor working mainly in the medium of wax for the purpose of casting in metals such as bronze, silver and gold. I want to make art that people can touch and interact with. To touch the artwork adds to the understanding of the piece. This is what draws me to making jewellery, it is art that is displayed and enjoyed by wearing. I enjoy making pendants and earrings as they hang in a visually prominent position, are viewed from varying angles, and can be easily touched when tempted.

I describe my work as a point where the essence of nature, art and science converge. I am inspired by natural forms and the flow of mediums that can change their states between liquid and solid, such as clay, wax and metal. The process of lost wax casting, whereby molten metal is poured into a void left by the melted away wax model, is infinitely inspiring and definitely holds the mystical fascination of alchemy for me.

I also like to explore the qualities of photography and film.


After graduating, I worked as an Architectural Modelmaker and then a Foundry Technician in Sydney and Auckland. I was then bitten by the travel and ski bug for over a decade until I could no longer stand living out of a backpack. I then moved to the beautiful Bega Valley where I became an owner builder for the next decade and I now have a lovely home and studio with wonderful mountain views. I work casually in Canberra as a Preparator. The construction and installation of displays for the variety of rare artifacts, including carving archive friendly foam mannequins is nourishing work for an artist.

2011:  Cert IV in Small Business Management
2011:  OH&S Construction Industry White Card
2009:  Senior First Aid – 3rd time (2006 & 2001)
2001:  Statement of Attainment – Business Studies - Tafe
2001:  Certificate 2 in Horticulture - Tafe
1998:  Certificate in Environmental Management – OTEN NSW
1998:  Certificate in Studio Ceramics – Tafe
1995:  Landscape Design – CEC
1991:  Certificate in Office Studies - Tafe
1987:  Bachelor of Arts (Visual) – CAI / UNSW

Bemboka Show – Jewellery, Photography & Vegetables!
Aspects of Thredbo
Thredbo Art Exhibition
Rose Cottage - Canberra
Raglan Gallery - Cooma
Powerhouse Museum – Sydney
Ivan Doherty Gallery – Sydney
Works Gallery - Sydney